Hello Post

We are getting closer! My friend and I had created a process to allow to distribute ScQWander, and IT WORKED. That is until Microsoft ran into a problem and shut down the process. So, we have been looking into another way to accomplish it.

Soon, I plan to post a version. It is limited but it is a FREE version. It’s simply a “Try It” to see if you like it.

In the works are :

Free – Some features and Design options have been removed. We can’t have you copying over the full game screens and just playing them on the Free version, can we!

Lite – I reduced the Screen such that the design items are larger, but the grid is smaller. Originally, this was going to be a “Kids” version which we were going to give to Kickstarter backers free. Over time that changed. The price will be reduced accordingly.

Full – This is the “Full” version of ScQWander with all the bells and whistles. It also contains all the screens from Free and Lite.